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Physical Exams

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Preventative care is one of our many areas of expertise and yearly physicals are one of the most important ways to keep yourself healthy. Coming in for a visit each year offers numerous health benefits and can allow us to spot small problems before they become large ones.

Benefits of Annual Exams

The Benefits of Annual Physical Exams

Some people think that a a physical isn’t a necessity each and every year, but as you’ll see there are many reasons to make the trip to our office no matter what your age is.

One benefit of an annual physical is that it can help your doctor establish a baseline for your vital stats. When you come in each year we’ll have data about your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more, which means that it’s easy for us to notice a sudden change or a sign that something is wrong. If you don’t come in for a physical every year, it might be harder to notice if your blood pressure has suddenly risen dramatically or if another one of your vitals has experienced a rapid change.

Another big benefit of annual physicals is that they can encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. When you see a physician more often, they have more time to teach you about better habits. You can also ask specific questions during a physical. We can help you make better eating choices or answer any of your queries about exercise and losing weight. Your doctor can be an invaluable resource, so there’s no good reason not to visit our office every year for an annual physical.

Coming in each year for a physical can also help your doctor catch a disease or health problem early. This is especially true if you have a family history of certain diseases. Heart disease, cancer, and even mental health problems can all run in families. If you doctor knows what to look out for, that can be extremely helpful. If you don’t receive a physical each year, it can be harder to pick up on signs of potential problems.

Preventative care is a top priority for us and it should be one for you too. Many Americans are living with a chronic health condition right now and they don’t even know it. Getting an annual physical exam can help doctors spot problems and help patients improve their lives. So visit us here at Kokoro Health & Wellness at least once per year. Whether you’re worried about a disease that runs in your family or just want some help living a healthier lifestyle, we look forward to assisting you.