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Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

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The Most Advanced Manual Medicine

Osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMT) is the highest level of manual treatment in the world. Manual treatment, such as simple massage, has been around for at least four thousand years. In the late 19th century, osteopathic manipulative medicine (then called simply osteopathy) emerged as a complete reform of modern medicine. Some medicines prescribed by doctors in that era were toxic, including arsenic and radium. Because of this, osteopathic doctors learned to manually adjust the body to heal. The rich science of anatomy and physiology empowering OMM elevates its effects beyond other manual techniques by targeting true root-causes and offering relief that lasts.


Our Doctor's Training

DOs are trained to recognize changes in body structure that alter its function. In addition to managing medical conditions with pills or surgery, DOs are trained in OMT. 
While DOs are often indistinguishable from MDs (they are fully licensed, and can prescribe drugs and perform surgery like an MD), their medical education is rooted in a distinctive philosophy. Like all integrative doctors, osteopathic physicians are taught to encourage the body back toward health using the least invasive measures first.
What differentiates their training is this: It focuses on how the structures of our bodies are deeply linked with how healthy we are. The field was founded upon manual manipulation, a therapy designed to improve the flow of air and blood, lymphatic, and other fluids in the body to maximize self-healing mechanisms and improve the function of our brain, organs, and joints.
Doctors who practice manipulation say they can help a body return to health by adjusting tissues and bones just so. Sounds like a long shot, but there may be increasingly good reason to believe in this touch-centered medical approach.

Our doctors’ training begins in medical school with a deep study of anatomy and essential lessons in evaluating the human body by hand. While every DO receives some training in this regard, our doctors have completed a three-year intensive residency in the most advanced methods of manual diagnosis and treatment.

Once our doctors completed their training, they underwent some of the most rigorous medical testing in the nation.

1. A series of written board examinations which tested their knowledge of medicine of all forms.

These are the same tests your family doctor and surgeon took!

2. A focused, written examination of their knowledge related to the neuromusculoskeletal system.

It is really three systems in one!

3. A series of practical examinations testing manual diagnosis and treatment techniques judged by a panel of nationally-recognized, board-certified physician specialists.

Sitting down to take a test can be stressful. Imagine demonstrating perfect technique in front of the people who literally wrote the book on the subject!

4. An oral examination in which difficult clinical cases must be critically analyzed and solved before the same panel of experts.

Ours is one of only two specialties that grill their doctors with an oral exam!

OMT is the application of manual therapy techniques to address the changes in the body. They can range from a gentle massage to high-pressure or rapid, forceful manipulation. 
Applying OMT to muscles, joints and other tissues allows the body to achieve a state of health more quickly and easily.
Who can benefit? People of all ages!  
OMT can be helpful in a wide range of clinical conditions, from alleviating pain to shortening hospital recovery time to improving childhood asthma.
OMT also can help patients with a vast number of other health problems such as:
• Ear and sinus disorders 
• Carpal tunnel syndrome 
• Migraines • Menstrual pain 
• Irritable bowel syndrome 
• Low back pain