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What is COPD?

COPD is a group of lung diseases, with bronchitis and emphysema striking most frequently. You can have both bronchitis and emphysema simultaneously if you're extremely ill.

If you have COPD, your breathing issues will worsen over time if you don't get medical help.

Do I have COPD?

Several symptoms could indicate COPD, including:

  • Constant coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Struggling to breathe
  • Chest pain, because of the coughing

If you're dealing with one or more of these symptoms, contact Kokoro Health & Wellness promptly so you can get effective diagnosis and treatment before it gets worse.

What are the risk factors for COPD?

Although the cause of COPD isn't always evident, a number of factors may increase your risk of developing it. Some of the things that can increase your risk of developing COPD include:

  • Smoking
  • Continual exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Poor ventilation in the home or workplace, so lacking fresh air
  • Living in an area with a high level of air pollution
  • A history of respiratory illness

You can control your COPD risk in most cases, especially when it comes to smoking. Kokoro Health & Wellness can help you implement changes that can help prevent COPD.

How does the doctor diagnose COPD?

There are a couple of tests that the team at Kokoro Health & Wellness may use.


A spirometry test is a simple way to measure how much air you can breathe in and out.

Chest X-ray

A chest X-ray allows for a clear picture of your lungs, and it can help determine whether your symptoms originated in your lungs (COPD) or in your heart.

CT scan

A CT scan is particularly effective in diagnosing emphysema and may be necessary if the team suspects an advanced case of COPD.

After your provider at Kokoro Health & Wellness diagnoses COPD, they can prescribe a treatment that helps relieve your symptoms effectively.

How is COPD treated?

Your COPD treatment plan depends on your specific symptoms. The most common treatments include inhaled medications, corticosteroid medications, and oxygen therapy. With the right therapy, you can get relief from COPD symptoms very quickly in many cases.

Don't suffer from COPD any longer. Get the help you need by scheduling an appointment at Kokoro Health & Wellness online or by phone.