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Direct Primary Care: Coming Soon

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Direct Primary Care functions similar to a standard insurance plan but with no insurance company to deal with. No copays, No deductibles or coinsurance premiums. Instead, consumers pay their primary care doctor on a monthly or annual basis for continued assistance. Instead of going to a third party, the payments go directly to the medical practice. This means that more of the patient's money is used for things that are in their best interests.

Direct primary care plans frequently cost less than conventional insurance policies. By giving patients more access to their doctor without having to worry about receiving approval from an insurance company for visits, DPC plans help promote overall health.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is especially well suited for those patients with high deductible plans where they might normally be paying out of pocket for any primary care services that are not considered preventive.
The Direct Primary Care offered at Kokoro Health & Wellness model is a payment model where patients/consumers pay their physician or practice directly in the form of periodic payments for a defined set of primary care services.
DPC practices typically charge patients a flat monthly or annual fee, under terms of a contract, in exchange for access to a broad range of primary care and medical administrative services.
The DPC practice framework includes any practice model structured around direct contracting with patients/consumers for monthly or annual fees which serves to replace the traditional system of third-party insurance coverage for primary care services.
Typically, these periodic payments provide patients with enhanced services over traditional fee-for-service medicine. Such services may include real-time access via advanced communication technology to their personal physician, extended visits, in some cases home-based medical visits, and highly personalized, coordinated, and comprehensive care administration