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Remote Patient Monitoring Services by Kokoro Health & Wellness

RPM Devices

There are many benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM) for clinicians — ease of access to patient data, the ability to deliver higher-quality care to more patients with a lower risk of burnout — and for healthcare providers — lower costs and higher efficiency, to name just a couple. But what are the benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM) for the patients?

RPM Benefits to Patients: Better Access

In a nation where a dramatic increase in the number of insured has made it more difficult for some patients to access caregiversremote patient monitoring increases the capacity for physicians to treat more patients. The prospect of more healthcare organizations embracing RPM technology — such as that offered by Kokoro Health & Wellness — opens the door to expanded access to care for patients nationwide.


Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits to Patients: Improved Quality

In addition to improving the quantity of care, RPM also has the ability to improve the quality of care. Since RPM connects clinicians more directly (and virtually instantly) with relevant patient data, it makes their daily routines more efficient and eases the possibility of burnout — resulting in obvious benefits to patient care.

Even better, RPM improves patient behavior by creating a system by which people are more engaged with, and accountable for, their health. Effective RPM programs offer technology that — far from being the cold, clinical, intimidating medical technology that springs to mind for many consumers — is actually comfortable and familiar to patients.

The upshot? Better engaged patients have a tendency to take control of their health: They want to stay healthy. Instead of resisting caregivers’ recommendations, they’re more likely to embrace them, improving their own health prospects in the process.

RPM Benefits to Patients: Education, Support, Feedback

Thanks to this continuous, instantaneous connection between people and their caregivers, RPM also provides patients with expanded levels of education, support and feedback, as compared to traditional models of healthcare.

Whether it's presenting a number that represents their vital sign, or a graph of trends over time, or just a friendly paragraph that summarizes their daily care outlook RPM programs allow that patient to get that daily information, that daily support, that daily help, that can make all the difference in the world in terms of their health outcomes.


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